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Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation in Munich with our experienced Indian Ayurveda consultant
Ayurveda Praxis Giso George       Freischützstraße 55 München
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In our Praxis, Giso George, Heilpraktiker, Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from India, offers traditional Ayurveda solutions for your health issues. With 4 generations of Ayurveda tradition and decades of practical experience, he will be able to offer you excellent tips for healthy living and eating.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: 120€

What do we analyse?

During the consultation, we do a detailed Dosha analysis and determine the dominant Doshas in you. We would also use the traditional Ayurveda diagnosing tests like Pulse Diagnosis, to determine whether your Doshas are in balance.

Using Ayurvedic wisdom, we analyse the various food items that you generally consume and observe their impact on the Doshas. Based on your Constitution we could then suggest food habits and daily routines that would keep your healthy.  Also there are some combinations that should be avoided (Virudha Aahara) which may otherwise lead to allergic responses and gastrointestinal disorders. All these topics are discussed in detail during the consultation.

For whom is it?

  • For those with allergies and food intolerances

  • For those with digestive and metabolic disorders

  • For those who would like to know their constitution and follow an Ayurvedic nutrition plan for healthy life

What is included?

  • Constitutional analysis

  • Dosha (mind-body type) determination

  • Analysis of your general health and healthcare issues

  • Traditional diagnostic methods like pulse and tongue diagnosis

  • Analysing your current food habits

  • Ayurveda nutritional advice 

  • Ayurveda lifestyle consultation

  • Suggesting suitable Ayurveda preparations

Refund from health insurances 

Please note that those who are privately insured might be able to get Heilpraktiker treatments refunded partially. Even those who have public health insurance but with an appropriate additional insurance (Zusatzversicherung) might also be able to have some Heilpraktiker costs covered by the insurances. Please talk to your insurance first and confirm the details yourselves.

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